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Mary Walsh

Mary Walsh, Newfoundland’s reigning queen of comedy, is having a few anxious moments as Canada: It’s Complicated - her new musical celebrating the country’s 150th anniversary - takes off to tour the country.
The show is designed to showcase Canada’s history and diversity, providing a platform for emerging performers. Walsh is one of its writers.
“We’ve got talented young people from all over everywhere coming together in this musical,” she says from her home in St. John’s. “I know it is going to be wonderful, but I’m more used to going down the street to Missus and asking her if she wants to be in a show.”
A job as a radio host while she was still a teenager catapulted Walsh into a life on stage, in film, and on television.
“The comedy came easy,” she recalls. “As a kid, being funny was one of the few things that was rewarded.
“If you don’t have a sense of humour in Newfoundland you are not going to survive.”
Many will remember Walsh in her role on CODCO, the legendary Newfoundland sketch …

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