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Being Mary Ro

In the late nineteenth century, after disease and circumstance have left her alone in the world, a woman believes she is predestined to spinsterhood in her small community in Newfoundland. When a series of dramatic events brings a strange man to her door, Mary emerges from the comfortable isolation that she knows to follow her dreams in Boston. Those desires do not come without sacrifice and hard choices. When her past comes back to haunt her, Mary must decide whether there is room for both her aspirations and her heart—or if she must surrender one to have the other. Recently we spoke with author Ida Linehan Young about her latest novel, Being Mary Ro.

When and why did you want to be a writer? The desire to write has always been with me. I remember writing poems and short stories in elementary school and I enjoyed it. I had often thought about writing my first book but always believed that I wasn’t good enough to be an author, that I didn’t have an extensive nor flowery vocab which I fe…

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